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  • "Today is my one-month anniversary using FreedomPop. Turns out, FP has excellent coverage for all my normal day-to-day locations. So far, I have not experienced any connection or congestion issues, even with my most intense usage, 64kbps audio streaming. The Photon access device is extremely easy to use and the display LEDs are very informative. The web configuration interface is somewhat different from the other 3G/routers I have used, but after some discovery I was able to customize my settings as desired. The Photon’s only shortcoming is that it’s somewhat slow to establish an end-to-end connection from power-up. Keep up the good work!" -JCF
  • "My Photon is working great, there really should be a point of reference for how small these are in every official photo, like a credit card. ITS TINY! love it and it still runs the same 6 hrs per charge my Clear iSpot does. GREAT work guys!" -Brad A.
  • "My life is so much easier now with FreedomSpot Photon,please keep up the great work while I continue to act as your spokesperson @freedompop" -Robert C. View Tweet
  • "I live in New York City and for the past year I'd been researching alternatives to my $95+ monthly phone bill from AT&T. I live in one of the most WIFI saturated cities on the planet and was fed up with paying a redundant charge for voice and data, two things that I could use over the internet. After much research I found Freedompop...Hurricane Sandy arrived a few days after the photon and when the internet went out, I used the photon with perfect uninterrupted service. Since then, I've done the following things. 1) I paid AT&T a lump sum to get out of my contract with them, also had my iphone 4 unlocked before I did. For a small fee I had my phone number ported out to google voice. Now, I pay an average of $3 a month for 4G connectivity when I'm out and about. It's true that the FreedomPop WIMAX network' coverage is small, but, if you live in an area with coverage you get excellent download and upload speeds" -Ryan H.
  • "The FreedomPop Photon is a well designed WiFi hotspot that does what it's advertised to do. It's fairly simple to set up and use. However, the more interesting part of the device is the service that it's attached to. The base plan that FreedomPop offers is 500MB for free. While this isn't much, it's still good for basic web surfing. In addition, their premium plans are priced well." -Roland
  • "I've had the Photon 4G now for about 5 months. It has been a blessing in disguise. When I can't get carrier service on my phone, if I can get a wireless connection on the Photon, it is my best alternative and all at a great price. Thank you FreedomPop for this opportunity!" -Eddie T.
  • "Rec'd my Photon in no time, and setup was a breeze! After finding a good spot for a signal in our new apartment, I was online within minutes. This was critical because I work from home and needed a smooth transition for internet access during our move (as well as an on-the-go option when traveling). Also, I love the informative and easy-to-navigate online account, especially the ability to track my usage in real time. So far FreedomPop has lived up to its promise—thank you!" -Miesha A.
  • "This is an amazing little device. Although it's much smaller, thinner, and lighter than a phone, the battery life is impressive: nearly six hours of continuous use. In comparison, my smartphone's battery drains out within an hour or two when I use it as a wifi hotspot" -Joshua H
  • "Just wanted to drop a quick note. I have had your Photon device for almost a year, primarily for testing of products and for writeups for my website. I am attending a VMware course this week and ran into an intermittent problem where I kept dropping my connection to the remote lab gear that I was working on for the class. Considering that the cost of the course and what I had to buy up front to prepare for the class ran up a bill of over $5000. I stood to lose valuable class time and not completing some or most of the required labs to complete the class and be eligible to take the exam for the class. Taking time to debug the problem with my current internet provider wasn't an option. Fortunately, I pulled out my trusty Photon device and it got me through the class." -Ronald N.
  • "Would just like to give a quick shout out to Freedompop's support team for helping me get my pre-owned Photon activated and switched to the free 500MB service plan. Thanks for the hassle free experience!" -Darren C.
  • "I picked up the Photon about 2 years ago to supplement the poor AT&T coverage for my iPhone. I'm on the free 500MB plan and got 250MB for signing up friends. The coverage is based on Sprint 4G and at times is faster than my Comcast network at home. The Photon itself is extremely well made and small enough to get lost in my jeans pocket. I encourage anyone curious to pick one up and try it. The basic service is truly free." -Thumbmaster
  • "Staying connected in Bellingham with @FreedomPop4G Photon 4G. We call her Lollipop.…" -Michael K. View Tweet
  • "@canadaduane I've had the freedompop photon hotspot for 2 years now, it's been great, saved a lot of money." -Andrew J. View Tweet
  • "I've had their top of the line wi-fi hotspot since August 2013 and boy, was I ever surprised to see how well it works! For a while I was living in a rural area (as far as the Big 3 Cell Providers are concerned, anyway) of Colorado, and I could connect my FreedomPop hotspot very easily, with 3 bars out of 5 signal strength, inside my apartment there. This is an area where T-Mo, AT&T & Verizon are sketchy. A lot of residents there use a local provider by the name of Viaero, through which I eventually had to get a cellphone account as my T-Mobile went into roaming on AT&T. Sometimes. Rarely sometimes. But my wi-fi through Sprint with FreedomPop -- pretty darn good high speeds, & it'd always connect. No 4G out there, but 3G connected flawlessly. I'M SOLD! And seein' what I've been seeing, I'm going to buy one of FP's HTC cellphones, too. Keep it at the free level for now & keep it as a backup / emergency phone. What a deal!!" -Kevin K.