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FreedomPop HTC EVO Phone Reviews

  • "it's a kind of revolution in android devices. great work freedompop team." -Umang P.
  • "Thanks for the help! The 3G still works on the phone, so it's making a GREAT Facebook and Internet Phone. I'm really impressed with the HTC EVO Design 4G!" -Grant M.
  • "ok, I just verified as well - yes - you sold us this FANTASTIC Evo Design 4G and my wife is very happy with it: The signal she gets in areas that we thought might rank as "Maybe" are "ABSOLUTELY"! So happy with your service thank you so much!" -Jon M.
  • "Got my HTC EVO Design FreedomPop phone last weekend, it work great where sprint has good coverage. Will be perfect for our free home phone." -Ted View Tweet